logobloodlinemalkavianantitribu1. Introduction

I’m really glad to celebrate the twelfth issue of my newsletter! This number is far from Peter D. Bakija’s fifties (or sixties?), but it’s a milestone at least for me. After all, I’m playing V:tES only for a year myself… guess how overconfident I was when I started writing these newsletters? 🙂

This issue is dedicated to Malk/!Malk vampires with inbuilt intercept abilities — Persia and Kite.

2. Card of the Month

The Sargon Fragment [FN:R2]
1 pool
Unique equipment.
The vampire with this equipment has superior Necromancy [NEC]. This vampire can move a library card from your ash heap to your hand as an action that costs 1 blood. Discard down to your hand size afterward.

A few days ago I won a local tournament with a “political” version of Anson+Anneke deck. In the finals, nobody was alarmed when I played Toreador Grand Ball and Third Tradition, but when my Anson retrieved Consanguineous Boon from my ash heap through his Sargon Fragment, my predator attempted to turn the whole table against me. The Sargon Fragment is extremely devastating, as you can play the most needed card from your ash heap again and again. The more cards you have in your ash heap, the more powerful The Sargon Fragment becomes.

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LogoClanRavnosWritten by Graham Smith


I asked Emile Bosman if he would mind if I wrote a few Ravnos newsletters and he said go right ahead. So here we are. I will try to write one every couple of months but don’t hold me to it!

Kindred Most Wanted

The Ravnos clan got a lot of new toys in KMW. I will try and pick two of them to talk about in each newsletter. This month I’m going to look at Tatiana Stepanova, Alastor and Edged Illusion.

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LogoBloodlineAhrimanes[ AHRIMANES Newsletter ]

  • 1.0 — Editorial
    • 1.1 Word From the Editor
    • 1.2 Pack Alpha Poem
    • 1.3 Next Issue
  • 2.0 — Concepts
    • 2.1 Crypt Card Focus
    • 2.2 Library Card Focus
    • 2.2.1 David Quinonero Santiago’s Tournament Winning deck
  • 3.0 — Deck
    • 3.1 Pack of Wolves deck
    • 3.2 Sign Off

1.1 — Word from the Editor

Well once again I have managed to scrape together another newsletter. Hopefully this one will be legible, after last month’s trials, I don’t know if that was the reason for the lack of feedback, or perhaps the newsletter was just perfection so didn’t need any! 🙂

Either way I am sure someone will let me know what I am doing soon.

1.2 — Poetry Time

In a change to the usual bloodletting, we have a poem written about the card
of the month, so here it is.

The Puppy Poem” to Pack Alpha with Wolves by Fred Scott

There’s a Setter in your sweater and a Bulldog in your briefs,
there are Boxers in your boxers and they never wanna leave.
There’s a Shih Tzu whose inhabiting your filthy dungarees,
and when you drop your drawers there’s that nasty Bichon Frise.

How ’bout a Schnauzer in your trousers and those Terriers in your togs?
And the baying staying playing’s from a Chinese Crested Dog.
What with foxes in your soxes and the Shar Peis in your shoes,
and that Collie in your collar so you’re never gonna lose.

Know your duds are filled with Pugs, know there’s Chow Chows in your chaps,
and your sportswear’s full of Shorthairs, and there’s Huskies in your hats,
Akitas in your speedos, Springer Spaniels in your spats,
and an Afghan in your caftan, there can’t be too much of that.

When your neck is on the line and the shit has come to pass,
when you realize you’re hurting and you need to fix it fast,
when you’re waiting for a godsend and you want to make it last,
just reach down low, make a fist, and pull puppies from your ass.

I hope Fred Scott doesn’t mind me putting it here — bit late now.

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logobloodlinemalkavianantitribu1. Introduction

This newsletter is dedicated to using Protean in Malk/!Malk decks. As usual with the out-clan Disciplines, some elder vampires of these clans possess inferior Protean, and one (Rachel Brandywine) even has it at superior level.

Why the Protean is so important? Because it provides Malks/!Malks with the best possible support they need — good and cheap combat cards! Our clan Disciplines enable stealth-bleed and, possibly, even stealth-voting decks, but they don’t provide really good combat cards neither to avoid combat (strike:combat ends) nor to prevail in combat. Even inferior Protean is often enough to create a completely different deck.
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LogoClanAssamiteAuthor: Jarkko Suvela

Table of Contents:

  • Castes of Clan Assamite
  • Decks of the Month
  • Next Issue

Castes of Clan Assamite

Sorcerer, Vizier and Warrior. These are the castes of Clan Assamite. They are kind of like clans within a clan, because there is such a big difference in their discipline spreads. This month I will highlight each of these castes and give examples of the kinds of unusual combinations that can be achieved by using their caste disciplines.

Sorcerers have Quietus, Celerity, Obfuscate, Thaumaturgy and Auspex as their distinctive disciplines. Notable vampires from this caste include Al Ashrad and Parnassus.

Quietus, Celerity and Thaumaturgy is a very deadly combination, whether it’s used for close-range combat or long-range combat. Its best-known combination is that of Theft of Vitae and Taste of Death, using additional strikes from Celerity. This can burn a vampire with six or less blood on it.

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LogoBloodlineAhrimanes[ AHRIMANES Newsletter ]

  • 1.0 — Editorial
    • 1.1 Word From the Editor
    • 1.2 Next Issue
  • 2.0 — Concepts
    • 2.1 Crypt Card Focus
    • 2.1.1 All in Favor, Howl “Yea” deck
    • 2.1.2 All In favour MOD deck
    • 2.2 Library Card Focus
  • 3.0 — Deck
    • 3.1 Ahrimane Howling deck
    • 3.2 Sign Off

1.1 — Word from the Editor

Hello, this is my first newsletter, and as such I thought I would copy the format of the previous Ahrimanes newsletters to provide some sort of continuity between those and this — I hope that Alexander Gyhlesten doesn’t mind too much. I am Sam Marsh (Jazzbeaux), Prince of Bath, and have been playing this game since September 1994 in the bad rulebook days of Jyhad.

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August, and only a few days since my last newsletter. Having been lazy for the last year I thought I could as well shock you with an overdose of Toreadorishness.

A few of us locals have gone into a deck building spree, and as happens the quality of the decks are of, erhum, cough, varying quality. I’ve made one attempt at Trophy hunting with such an abyssmal result that it will have to wait for several remodifications before I even want to mention the deck, but, well, there’s a card I’d like to prove worthwhile to play, and, maybe, one decade I might even manage to do so.

Back to the Basics

Combat, or more accurately guns and celerity combat. With Auspex, Celerity and good amount of princes clan Toreador is made for blocking and gunning down acting minions.

Second Tradition makes them devastatingly so.

Now, princes being rather large on average and the number of actions one can make with them correspondingly limited I personally prefer really big guns. Assault Rifle big to be more specific. With a pool cost of five it has been argued that the weapon is simply too expensive to use, but once again the Toreador has something going for them. Apart from titles in abundance they also have Presence in order to push votes through. The vote I’m thinking of here is Parity Shift. Shopping for five pool weapons should make your prey have more pool than you have.

Sounds too good? Well, yes, it does. You simply can’t equip, vote, block and use celerity combat all in one deck without ending up with a depressingly low amount of the cards you’d like to have, so this is where we have to decide what a deck should do.

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