LogoBloodlineGargoylesI. Introduction

Welcome to the 5th newsletter describing the Gargoyles who are by far the most intricate of all the bloodlines in that they actively must be mixed with another clan to achieve their full potential

II. Fiction

To: Virstania
From: Etrius
Subject: Opportunities arising from construct 007i

Virstania, let me make it clear that your dismal and abject failure to apprehend Ferox and to put an end to this Gargoyle revolt foolishness has seriously compromised the inner circle’s confindence in you to control your creations. The fact that a brainless homunculus has outwitted you time and time again has not indicated to the council that construct 007i is intelligent and crafty, but rather that you are lazy and incompetent Furthermore, should you fail to apprehend aforementioned criminal within the next 30 nights, not only will your privileges of using Fortschritt’s facilities to produce your pathetic freakshow be revoked, but also you will be put on trial before the whole clan as an accomplice and co-conspirator to all of Ferox’s crimes.
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LogoClanFollowersofSetTable of Contents

  • Fiction — The Prisoner
  • Strategy — The Myth of the Cross-table Ally
  • Decklab — “The Hydra” (Aabt intercept module)
  • Card Analysis — Reformation
  • Sign Off

Fiction — The Prisoner

“Slug, you may unmask the prisoner.”

“Yesss, massster Sssaqqaf”, said with difficulty from the shadows.

A hunched figure approached, slithering more than walking. Draped in a mangy black robe, the creature named Slug may once have been human but now seemed more snake-like than anything. Slug’s ophidian hands grabbed the black sack and tore it from the face of the bruised man beneath. A forked tongue darted out from the mouth of Slug’s distended mouth, causing a cutting wound on the man’s left cheek. Recent scars on both sides of his face implied that this was not the first cut.

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LogoBloodlineSalubriOf interest to Scholars and Slanderers

Editor: Patrick van der Reest

In this issue:

  1. Introduction
  2. Miscellanea et Demonica
  3. The Dwinding Few
  4. The Powers of the Righteous
  5. The Hosts of Heaven
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

On the verge of Gehenna the Salubri have managed to hang on, as they always have. The Great Jyhad still rages, and Heaven is as far away as ever.. but hope remains.

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LogoClanToreadorMid-april and we’ve just had the Swedish EC Qualifier. It was won by a mainly Toreador based deck. Small vampires blocking and handling the problem with concealed guns.

The Gehenna preview is up, and three cards are actually out in circulation. The Erciyes Fragments, Prohecies of Gehenna and Anthelios,the Red Star. Of these three The Erciyes Fragments makes most sense in a blocking gun-deck. Cards to go for would be Blood Dolls, Auspex based intercept of bounce and of course the occasional equipment you didn’t find place for yourself.

Prophecies of Gehenna seems most useful for a bleeder. Take a look at your prey’s hand before playing Revelations at inferior.

Of the cards seen in the preview Siphon could work well if you’re playing the Toreador with Obfuscate, disguising out Flamethrowers and Ivory Bow. Just make sure to include some Toreador Grand Ball for some useful refilling.

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Necroletter Vol. 1 Number 1

Posted: April 12, 2004 in 2004, Other
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  1. Deaditorial (Orpheus)
  2. Fiction : the Third Plague of Marseille, Part IV (Orpheus)
  3. Dis Card of the Month : Siphon (Orpheus)
  4. De(ad ne)ck of the Month : Siphon Purge (Nagaraja)
  5. Ercyies Fragments (Tobias)
  6. Insight of the Month : Igniazio’s Stoicism (Orpheus)
  7. Until Next Time.

1. Deaditorial

So here it is, the first edition of the Necroletter ever !! Or in other words : what happens when all the Necromancers ally their skills.

The team will consist of : myself, Nagaraja, and Tobias “The Baron” op den Brouw. We will alternate the editing, so our personalities and preferences will show in each letter.

We will try to bring regular news to you, alternating between the necromancing clans, and our ideas for deck etc. This alliance should have, among others, the benefits of bringing more variety, more regularity in the letters, and being able to evocate any necro-idea without restraining ourselves because it doesn’t fit a precise clan. Any idea about some necrostuff will be welcome, and can be sent to us at orpheus (dot) giovanni /at/ free (dot) fr.

So onto the Deadlands we go.

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LogoClanAssamiteWritten by Otto Koskinen


As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the “Music from the Succubus Club”

Hemoglobin. What utter crap.. sigh.

The Cr├╝xshadows – Bloodline v2.0, for all you fans of the Clan.


Vampire of the Month

Tariq, the Silent
Assamite, 7 cap.
Independent: Tariq’s capacity is reduced by 4 while he is controlled. Tariq can enter combat with a vampire controlled by another Methuselah as a (D) action. Blood hunts cannot be called on Tariq. The Blood Curse doesn’t affect Tariq.

So, we have a 3-cap whom everyone fears. Rightfully so.

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  1. LogoClanTzimisceIntroduction
  2. Strategy — The modern Tzimisce
  3. Crypt Focus
    • Anarch: Anton
    • Black Hand: Kazimir Savostin
  4. Library Focus
    • Anarch: Aranthebes: The Immortal
    • Black hand: Sire’s index finger
  5. Deck focus- Anarch: Back in the Days
  6. Additional Comments

I. Introduction

The clock here in Sweden tells me it’s 02.36 am on April 1, and this tells me it’s time to start writing another Tzimisce newsletter(writers comment: I know it’s not april 1 now but it have taken me a few days to finish this). I’ve got lots of praise for my first newsletter so I’m happy to continue the story of the clan of shapers.I want to give my best thanks to all the people who took their time to comment on my work and those people who stated out the strategies I forgot to mention.

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