1. LogoClanTzimisceIntroduction
  2. Strategy — Bleeding Tzimisce’s
  3. Crypt Focus — Corine Marcón
  4. Library Focus
    • Weirding Stone
    • Capitalist
    • Meld with the Land
  5. Deck Focus
    • Play-Doh
    • Terror beneath Prague
  6. Additional Comments

I. Introduction

Finally the Tzimisce newsletter returns after almost 6 months downtime. With me Alex “_angst_” Ek as a fresh blood writer working with Cameron “meshenka” Roberts to bring you the latest in Tzimisce mayhem. This is the first newsletter since “The Black Hand” hit the tables and I will focus around some of the new cards brought to us bythis expansion. I will also discuss Tzimisce bleeding which is the main focus in this newsletter.

This is the first newsletter I have ever written so I hope that you’ll enjoy it, m’kay 🙂

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LogoBloodlineNosferatuAntitribuIn this issue:

  • Intro and a comment on Fiction
  • Vampires of the Month: Yong-Sun, Harmonist and Yong-Sun, Harmonist(Advanced)
  • Cards of the Month: Hidden Lurker
  • Strategy of the Month: Outside Disciplines?
  • Decks of the Month: a Mateusz/Lurker deck and a submitted !Nos/!Malk Black Hand deck


I must have been kidnapped or something. Honest. It’s been a few months, but the newsletter returns. I blame the holidays. Archives of clan newsletters are now not only being kept at http://www.thelasombra.com but also by White Wolf at http://www.white-wolf.com/VTES/newsletter/nl_date.html — much thanks to them for acknowledging this newsletter. Oh yeah, and the other, lesser clans too.

Fiction: Fiction is what the other clans tell one another to keep their pawns placated and happy. We Nosferatu Antitribu know the fearsome truths.

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LogoClanFollowersofSetTable of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Fiction
  • Strategy — Flushing your hand
  • Card Analysis — Gemini’s Mirror
  • Sign Off


I’ve been very busy since the last newsletter, helping to organize the Jyhad Online tournament and suffering through a long spell of sleeplessness.

You’d think that insomnia would at least give you more hours to work with, but the sad truth is that those hours are spent in a state where very little work can be done.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate the need for sleep altogether? Wouldn’t it also be great if we could lift trucks, run like the wind and read people’s minds? Hmm, where am I going with this…

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  1. LogoClanTremereIntroduction
  2. Strategy Discussion — The AUS/THA Paradigm
  3. Crypt Focus — Erichtho
  4. Library Focus — Outcast Mage
  5. Deck Focus — Magnums with a Mind of Their Own
  6. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Welcome to the Tremere Newsletter! This issue will feature my thoughts on the utility of superior Auspex, and a focus on one of my current decks. Until the next expansion comes out, I will be showcasing chiefly post-Camarilla Edition decks and strategies.

Without further introduction, I humbly submit one Warlock’s thoughts.

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LogoClanAssamiteWritten by Otto Koskinen

Yo, once more.

Things have happened. Decks have been played. Blood has been spilled.

Needless to say, we move on.

Sorcerers Of Alamut — Thaumaturgy and Assamites

As we all know, us Assamites have castes within our hierarchy, of which there are three.

  • Warriors, led by the brave Thetmes.
  • Viziers, of whom Tegyrius was/is the leader of.
  • Sorcerers, whom are ruled by Ur-shulgi, breaker of the Curse.

Thaumaturgy, a discipline of the hated Tremere, is mastered by many members of the clan. But as opposed to the Tremere, Assamites as a Clan have a distinct advantage over them.

We are fast, and we know it. We know how to use it as well, dont we? Theft of Vitae, the trademark of Thaumaturgy combat, is a great card, even played alone.

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  1. Vampire(s) of the Month (Clan Gargoyle)
  2. Card(s) of the Month (Fee Stakes)
  3. Deck Idea (The Convention of Stones)
  4. Conclusion

(No fiction this month, as I just couldn’t make a “Gargoyles go Anarch” story that didn’t sound horribly hackneyed, and I did try. I’m sure you can picture it.)

Note: Credit where credit is due: the initial inspiration for pure (no Tremere) Anarch Gargoyles came from Antti Siponen’s deck, which is a significantly more combat-focused deck than the one I describe below. Nevertheless, he pointed out some key concepts to me, such as the importance of Fidus with votes. Do a search on “Gargoyle Anarch” and you should find our brief discussion on his deck.

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LogoClanNosferatuSo there have been a lot of Black Hand decks floating around the internet lately, which makes me feel kinda silly for posting yet another one, but I was planning on doing so this month before they all started showing up, and in the name of continuing my unprecedented (ok, maybe Legbiter has set an earlier precedent) Newsletter onslaught, I’ll post this one anyway.

So some folks have been moaning about how the Black Hand expansion is just another Anarchs expansion in that it is single focus, difficult to pull off, and not really competitive. The strong showing of various Black Hand decks in recent tournament play indicates that this isn’t really true, and the number of Black Hand based deck variations that have been showing up in print (including Goudie’s deck published in a recent issue of InQuest) show the solid strategy options for Black Hand decks.

The following deck is based on (or shamelessly lifted from) a deck I saw Ben Peal playing at Totalcon in Boston this past February (and apparently, Ben Swainbank was playing a very similar deck in the same tournament), although as I didn’t see it that closely, I’m not sure how similar it really is. By focusing on Black Hand advantages (Reunion Kamut, Bloodwork, Ministry) and the obvious discipline overlaps, I have put together a deck that revolves around the gender ambiguous Ingram Frizer and his/her discipline combination.

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