LogoBloodlineSamediby Emmit Svenson

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Back from the Dead
  2. Lifestyles: Living with Inferior Thanatosis
  3. Focus on Samedi: Reg Driscoll
  4. In Brief: Tough, Sneaky Midcaps
  5. Focus on Thanatosis: Ashes to Ashes
  6. Focus on the Library: Regenerative Blood
  7. Deck: Smuggler’s Blues
  8. Parting Words

I. Introduction: Back from the Dead

Par pouvoir Saint Antoine de Padoue, Legba Atibon
Maitre Carrefour, Maitre Grand Bois
Maitre Grand Chemin, Legba Barriere
Legba Bois, Legba Caille
Legba Zan-clian, Legba Missebo
Legba Clairhoun’deh, Legba Cataroulo
au nom de Monsieur Avadra Bo-roi, vie, vie Legba!
–Hymn to Legba

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a new Samedi newsletter. Then again, it’s been a long time since you’re seen a new Samedi.

That will change soon, or so I hope. The Kindred Most Wanted expansion has cards for Red List members Dylan, Kementiri and Ossian so far, with the promise of Valorius Maior and others to come. Can Genina, a Samedi on the Red List, be far behind?

When she’s released, I’ll put out another Samedi Newsletter to celebrate. In the meantime, here’s an extra-large issue with serious and not-so-serious advice on the care and feeding of Zombies.

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LogoClanFollowersofSetAuthor: Daniel Figueiredo

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategy: 10th Anniversary Goodies
  3. Vampire of the Month: Kemintiri ADV
  4. Sign-off


Long time no Set? Yes, unfortunately the last months have gone by without a newsletter. I was part in writer’s block (whatever that really means) and part waiting for the new cards from KMW to show up I guess. But the wait has finally ended! Today Kemintiri ADV shows her face in the KMW preview. More about her later though. Since my last newsletter the 10th Anniversary Edition was also printed, and although it doesn’t quite have anything that is really interesting for our clan in particular, I will also go over some of the new cards in that set and an idea or two about using them in Follower of Set themed decks.

Is it just me of does it seem like ages since Gehenna was released? I missed the shake-up that Events promised (but didn’t quite deliver), and the rush of logging into the WW site 3 times a day to check the preview. To me the months immediately before and after the release of a new expansion are the best for the game, at least they are when I get most excited about it. KMW is shaping up to be quite interesting so far. The first Bloodline pre-constructed deck, a change (a good one I think) to the infernal rule, some meat for the independent clans in group4 (sadly if the number of the other new indy vamps follows the number of new Assamites, we still won’t have a full group 3+4 crypt for them), the new Red List rule and another still-mysterious new rule, an even MORE mysterious TBA vampire (or vampires) in the preview list.. wait… let me go check and see if the TBA hasn’t been revealed yet.. 🙂

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LogoBloodlineVentrueAntitribuHappy New Year! What follows constitutes the Ventrue Antitribu Newsletter for the first month of 2005.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Brief Nod Toward the Anniversary Set
  3. The Common !Ventrue Out of Clan Disciplines
  4. Obtenebration Strategies
  5. Deck of the Month


It’s been an interesting few months. It seems like just yesterday Gehenna was released upon us. We had only a small time to embrace its qualities when the Anniversary Set arrived on the scene, causing quite a stir. And now the dawn of Kindred’s Most Wanted breaks into our world! There is far too much to talk about.

This month, I limit my comments to a brief glance at the Anniversary Set and then plunge into the common out of clan disciplines shared among the Ventrue Antitribu. Obtenebration is the most interesting of those disciplines, since it provides us with almost our only access to stealth, and so I give you a sample deck that uses that discipline.

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LogoBloodlineTremereAntitribuby Halcyan 2
Halcyan2 (at) aol /dot/ com

[Legal stuff to the tune of: I wrote all this (except for the Deck of the Month), so please give credit where it’s due, etc.]

1.1 — Editor’s Note
1.2 — The Infernal Plague Storyline
1.3 — “Victory Whatever the Cost” (Infernal Plague)
1.4 — “Taking the High Road” (Infernal Plague)
1.5 — Vampire of the Month
1.6 — Cards of the Month
1.7 — Combo of the Year
1.8 — Deck of the Month

[1.1 — Editor’s Note]

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tremere Antitribu Newsletter! After an extended period in torpor, I’ve finally managed to rouse myself back into action (thanks in no small part to Recure of the Homeland!).

Now I know that there’s an excessive backlog of topics and events that have not been presented since my last issue. And there are also many older non-published issues of the newsletter that are seemingly lost to the ravages in time (that’s what you get for messing with Temporis!). However, instead of wasting my efforts trying to catch up with the past few years, I think I’m just going to go with a fresh new start. Perhaps in the future I will have the chance to finish some older issues and complete the missing gaps in the !Tremere archives. Or maybe I might just incorporate some of the unpublished material I’ve already written into upcoming newsletters. Nevertheless I feel it is more important to focus on the future than it is to get entangled in the past.

In celebration of the latest Storyline Event, the theme of this month’s newsletter revolves around the Infernal Plague. We’ll be discussing various strategies you can employ as an Infernal or Non-Infernal player and different ways you can bring the clan to victory! The Tremere Antitribu are back and we’ll find a way to thrive in all the chaos caused by the Infernal Plague.

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LogoClanAssamiteWritten by Otto Koskinen

Happy new year, folks.


Nothing is worse than active ignorance
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Deck Name: Nuisance
Author: Otto Koskinen

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=7 avg=4.75)
2x Abd al-Rashid 5 obf CEL QUI Assamite:2
1x Ali Kar 3 obf qui Assamite:3
2x Anwar 4 cel obf qui Assamite:2
2x Badr al-Budur 5 cel dom qui OBF Assamite:2
1x Harika Guljan 3 QUI Assamite:2
2x Jalal Sayad 6 pot CEL QUI Assamite:2
1x Melek 7 cel pre OBF QUI Assamite:2
1x Tansu Bekir 4 cel OBF Assamite:2

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Rastacourere lowers only votes cast in the main referendum, so Prisci are unaffected.
The text of the card is somewhat confusing, but LSJ himself confirmed this. Go Korah!

You can collect several counters on Polaris Coach and use them all in a single action. This allows you to push a crucial action. Maybe, the card will see play in some “weird” decks.

Orc of Ulain” is actually Orb, not Orc 🙂

1. Introduction

“Weenie” is a small vampire with capacity 4 or less, preferably less. This newsletter is about weenie decks based on Dementation (DEM-weenie). The whole issue is dedicated to Norman S. Brown (Archon of the Swamp), who was so kind to provide a deck that inspired this newsletter.

Weenie decks are one of the most exciting decks in the game. You concentrate on the single Discipline and trade versatility for increased number of actions…what actions? Each Discipline provides its own. Building weenie decks is the best way to learn the best cards of each Discipline. OBF-weenie deck and AUS-weenie decks will be completely different, as well as POT-weenie, FOR-weenie and so on. Unfortunately, the price for having a lot of actions is usually harsh. You have to concentrate on inferior abilities of the cards, and you cannot use blood-expensive cards. Your options are limited and predictable. Most of the time you will have to concentrate on bleed, as you simply cannot do anything else, except for hunting. And you generally have no votes, so your influence on the table would be minimal… you can even expect that most players will unify against you.

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LogoClanNosferatuCrazy. I’ve been churning these newsletters out on a semi consistent basis for, what, 7 years now? Well, as they say, nothing changes New Year’s Day, so here is issue 47 of the VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter.

Anyway, some months ago, when looking at the new Black Hand vampires for our Nosferatu pals, I said the following about Tock in issue 41:

“…Clearly, he’d fit into some sort of Pot/Pre/Obf deck–in fact, it was like he was specifically designed for such a strategy basis, but what, really, are you gonna do with such a deck? Tock can get together with the likes of Amadeo, Harrod, and Cailean, but overall, I’m not seeing such a deck as that handy–stealth vote rush? Stealth bleed with hit back combat defense? Certainly possible ideas, but unless you are *really* stuck on making a Nosferatu deck with both Potence and Presence in it, Tock isn’t likely to see much play. **”

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